Weight Loss & Management

Are fed up of battling the bulge, feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, wishing that clothes fit better?
Perhaps you have  a special event coming up and you have your eye on a specific outfit?
Or have you spent years on the hamster wheel of faddy diets and are tired of getting nowhere.

This 4 week weight loss programme is for those who genuinely want to break the old habits of yo-yo dieting and change their relationship with food.  As a newborn, you ate only when you were hungry, and stopped when you were full, this was nature at its best.  Sadly as we grow, nurture kicks in and the bad habits begin to form. We are 'rewarded' or blackmailed with sweet sugary snacks, encouraged to over eat and encouraged to eat supper just before bed to ensure we don't wake up hungry throughout the night - all very unhealthy habits that continue to grow stronger and stronger until we decide to take back control.

You'll be pleased to know that this 4 week weight loss programme is NOT a faddy diet, it's about breaking the old habits and pressing the reset button on your relationship with food, not only what you eat, but the way you eat too.

We all know that faddy diets do not work, and that yo-yo dieting is bad for the metabolism. The secret to successful weight management is more psychological than physiological.

This 4 week programme is a long term of healthy habits, not deprivation. You'll learn to appreciate food, to savour the flavour. 

The programme consists of

  • 4 Hypnotherapy sessions
  • Workbook
  • Home backup audio
  • WhatsApp support 

Next Group Programme Starts Tuesday January 25th, 8pm

**all calls over zoom, link will be sent out once full payment has been received**

Please note that a minimum of 48 hours notice is required for cancellation, failure to do so may result in you being charged for your missed session unless I am able to rebook the slot. I offer a professional service and reserve the right to refuse treatment where I do not deem it to be appropriate.