Weight Loss & Weight Management

Fad diets don't work

Are you unhappy in your skin and tired of feeling uncomfortable?

Does it feel like you have spent most of your life on a diet and tired of getting nowhere?

Would you like to understand why you have the relationship with food that you have?

Faddy Diets, we've all tried them and we all know that they don't work, but the question is why?
Faddy diets are just a quick fix, they're not addressing the real problem, they're restrictive meaning that you eat only certain foods at a certain time of day and you're not always getting the right foods for your  body, which can leave you feeling bloated, lethargic, lacking in energy and also have a negative impact on certain hormones too.

Why Hypnoslim?

Hypnoslim is a 6 week weight management programme is for those who genuinely want to break the old habits of yo-yo dieting and change their relationship with food for long term health benefits, it is not  a faddy or restrictive diet, in fact I shall be actively encouraging you to eat.

You've heard of the phrase, nature or nurture?...well, this also applies to our eating habits.
Do you think animals in the wild have three set meals a day, or perhaps do you think they eat when they are hungry? 
 As a newborn did you have set meals throughout the day, or did you make it very clear to Mum when you were ready for your next feed?..you listened to your body and you ate when you were hungry - nature at it's best eh.

Sadly as we grow, nature is abandoned and nurture kicks in, the bad habits are formed as we are 'rewarded' or blackmailed with sweet sugary snacks, encouraged to over eat and encouraged to eat supper just before bed to ensure we don't wake up hungry throughout the night - all very unhealthy habits that continue to grow stronger and stronger until we decide to take back control.

The 6 week hypnoslim programme is designed to discover your emotional connection with food, to let go of the emotional attachment and to eat for the right reasons, helping you also to choose the right foods for your body. When the programme is followed great long term results can be achieved.

This lady followed the programme to the 'T', she was very clear on her goals and why she wanted to take back control of not only her weight, but also her eating and exercise habits.
She not only reduced her weight, but she got rid of the bloating she had experienced for years, renewed her love of the gym, increased energy levels and also increased both self confidence and self esteem too. 

Hypnoslim Workbook

As part of the Hypnoslim programme you will receive a personal workbook, home backup audio and daily whatsapp support too.

Important Notice

A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for cancellation, failure to do so may result in you being charged the full amount for your missed appointment.