The power of the spoken word
You may or may not know, that I have twice been diagnosed with breast cancer, the first time in 2013 when I was diagnosed with stage 3, and then again in 2020 with stage 4 secondaries. Both breast cancer journeys have been very different, a different attitude and a different outlook.
in these interviews, I share my experiences of my most recent journey, and how I have been able to eradicate cancer from my body by changing my mindset, my diet and my exercise.

I feel it it so important for us to be able to make informed decisions about our health, but unfortunately, in many circumstances this is difficult to do unless you are prepared to go digging for answers, or you have an open minded medical professional - for me, I had to go down the route of research as my oncologist is most certainly a man of chemicals.

I do hope you enjoy listening to the podcasts, and hope also, that they are able to help someone you know or love.