Workplace Wellbeing

It's been a long time since I have worked within an office environment, when I say a long time we are talking 1997 when I worked as an Office Administrator for a Jewellery manufacturer here in Worcestershire.

Back then mobile phones were just telephones, we still used fax machines, the internet was dial up and lunch was an hour over at the local pub before settling in for the last 3 hours of the day.  Whilst the job may have felt stressful at times, I do feel that in comparison to today's working practices it really must have been a stroll in the park.

Today it is difficult to escape work, we are surrounded by technology. Working days appear to be much longer, the lunch hour seem to have turned in to lunch half an hour, and even then, for many eating at the desk appears to be the norm.

Whilst parents attempt to juggle increasing work expectations with childcare, those without children feel the pressure of having to perform in order to prove themselves or compete against colleagues, poor mental health is on the incline, healthy eating habits are out of the window, focus & concentration is poor and workplace morale well below par.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying this is the situation with every company, but it is what I pick up from many a person still working within the office environment.

Companies now are becoming aware that all is not ticketyboo within their workspace and have taken time to invest in workplace wellness. They are offering 'Lunch & Learn' sessions, bringing in therapists such as myself to deliver workshops & creating wellness days with a selection of therapies on offer such as reflexology, seated massage, mindfulness and more.

The companies offering such wellness days are noticing a change in attitudes within the workplace. There are less work days lost through stress and sickness, a calmer working environment and a reduction in staff turnover.

How well do you know your team?

What is going on in their world?

Are they engaged or distracted?

The beauty of the workshops and wellness days is that people tend to open up and be more honest about their emotions and feelings when they are in a relaxed and non threatening environment. The events make people feel valued and appreciated, the working environment calmer and therefore the woking day much more productive too...I can see a pattern appearing here, can you?

At the start of next month I have been invited in to SME Solicitors in Worcester to deliver a 'Lunch and Learn', giving staff of all levels the opportunity to learn about hypnotherapy, it's benefits and how it can help in many areas of our lives.

Hypnotherapy is still a therapy that many do not understand and so the opportunity to share my passion is without doubt a welcome one.

Do your company have a Workplace Wellbeing budget?

If you would like to know more about the workshops I deliver or about Lunch & Learn sessions, pop me an email or contact me on 07486 531874

First posted February 2020