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Adrienne Potter | Solution & Clarity Coach

Bringing Solutions, Creating Clarity

Success means something different to each of us and whether you’re looking for personal, professional or sporting success, from time to time we all need a helping hand.

No matter which area of your life you are looking to succeed in, my bespoke approach to you as an individual will help you to create the clarity needed to achieve your personal goals.

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Adrienne Potter

The one thing we cannot get back is time - enjoy the moment.

"You're always one decision away from a totally different life."

- Mark Batterson

Clarity Coaching | Clinical Hypnotherapy

Guiding You To Create A Greater Self Awareness

I work with both men and women from a variety of backgrounds and my clients come to me for a variety of reasons. The one thing they all have in common though is their desire to create change within their life.

Some prefer my hypnotherapy or coaching techniques, while others prefer to use a combination of the two. Success, happiness, contentment, peace, balance – they all mean something different to each of us and so no two programmes are ever the same.

My role as a Solution & Clarity Coach is to guide you to create a greater self-awareness and recognise your personal strengths.

Create a greater self-awareness and recognise your personal strengths.


  • My experience of being coached by Adrienne was an overwhelmingly positive experience. I was hesitant to coaching at first and Adrienne truly created a safe environment for introspection and growth that I had never experienced before. She is a genuinely caring person who always made me feel at ease and continually helped me understand more about myself and I feel more empowered and stronger than ever before, I truly believe Adrienne played a significant role in helping me achieve this. If you are seeking clarity in your life and want a caring and genuine person to help inspire and motivate you to become your best self and help you work towards the goals in life that truly matter then I highly recommend Adrienne as your coach.


  • Adrienne has truly been a blessing in my life. Her natural energy and presence creates a sense of safety and calm that has helped me be vulnerable and open in our sessions together. Her ability to truly listen and hear the deeper meaning of what’s going on or what’s holding me back, and what is important to me is remarkable. I would highly recommend Adrienne. Thank you!


  • A few months back Adrienne ‘worked on me’ to reduce my asthma condition – well timed as we were in the middle of Covid ! Being an old cynic, I knew it wouldn’t work… “what is all this witchcraft, I need my inhalers!” Guess what. It worked. I immediately sent her a testimonial for her to use to get her message across to other old cynics, and left it at that. Now here’s the strange thing. Since then I have used the same techniques Adrienne had taught me to self-control and eliminate a re-occurring heartburn issue, and even stop the occasional headaches. So from an old cynic – thank you Adrienne for all your witchcraft ! I would recommend her services to anyone – and I have done.


  • I have now been working with Adrienne for the last 6 weeks. The work has been constructively progressive. Working towards goals which have now been achieved. And we are now moving forward to further goals. Adrienne has tailored the work to my personnel needs. Taking the time to work out what best suits me an individual. I have no hesitation in recommending Adrienne.


  • Thanks for allowing me time to reflect. Adrienne is a natural communicator and has an authentic approach to her work. Although I only had one session with her, it did help me focus more on my strengths and weaknesses and encouraged me to believe in myself. It allowed me to identify the transferable skills that I possess and think about how these could be used in alternative career paths. I would definitely recommend Adrienne if you find yourself at a career cross road.



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